Independent Financial Services

Welcome to Gamma Wealth Independent financial services provider.

Clients that work with a professional financial planner can have up to 30% more income during retirement.



We have various investment options available, from risk adjusted options to tailor-made investments to suite your individual needs and goals.

Retirement & Estate Planning

Financial planning is crucial for retirement, it will influence and define your standard of living and financial freedom in your retirement years.


We offer independent tailor-made financial planning solutions, with this in mind our philosophy with risk insurance is to conduct a thorough Financial Needs Analysis as a starting point for our clients


A large percentage of businesses do not have the correct Business Risk Insurance structures in place to help protect the equity (money and assets) the business owner has acquired over the years.


It is made more trying and difficult for the people left behind, if you do not have a clear will that states how assets should be divided.

Short term Insurance

We can assist not only with your personal needs but also with the insurance needs of your business and make sure you enjoy the correct cover for your specific business requirements.


Why do you need to speak with a CFP®?

To have a positive and lasting impact on our clients lives by adding value in various spheres. We do this through adding Gamma (making better financial decisions) to investments and optimizing insurance portfolios for specific needs, achieving this through always acting with the clients best interest at heart. .

Our vision is to be one of the leading specialists in the Financial Planning Industry. We aim to be the first port of call for our clients and their networks for investment and insurance advice. We value each individuals needs and build long-term sustainable relationships with our clients.

Each client is unique with hopes and dreams that differ from anybody else,therefore everybody deserves a tailor-made approach.
By constantly listening and understanding our clients’ needs we are able to provide each individual with a custom made financial plan to suit their unique requirements.

Tax Efficient Investments and Financial Planning is one of our core focus areas and building long term sustainable client relationships is at the core of our business model. With us the client’s needs always comes first.

Clients that work with a professional financial planner can have up to 30% more income during retirement.
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