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We have various investment options available, from risk adjusted options to tailor-made investments to suite your individual needs and goals. It is important for us to assist you with defining your short and long term goals in this regard, as we believe that it is crucial to build the correct asset allocation to suit your investment needs. This in turn will assist with reaching your investment and financial goals.

Retirement & Estate Planning

Helping you retire

Financial planning is crucial for retirement, it will influence and define your standard of living and financial freedom in your retirement years.

We assist clients with pre- and post-retirement planning; which works hand in hand with Estate planning to ensure the legacy of estates. In the pre-retirement planning stage it is crucial to have the correct investment vehicle to reduce costs and maximize your investment outcomes. We will do an investment cost analysis for prospective clients, this adds tremendous value by increasing retirement capital significantly.

Estate Planning: We have various tools at our disposal to assist clients with estate planning. It is important to optimise your estate structuring which in turn will reduce your estate duty and other associated estate costs to protect your wealth and legacy.

Post Retirement Planning: It is crucial to plan your investment draw down strategy to suit your lifestyle needs and to make sure you don’t run out of funds in your lifetime..

Life Cover

Cover to suit your needs.

We offer independent tailor-made financial planning solutions, with this in mind our philosophy with risk insurance is to conduct a thorough Financial Needs Analysis as a starting point for our clients.

The Financial Needs Analysis will help determine your specific needs regarding life cover, income protection, disability cover and severe illness cover.

With the correct cover you will be assured peace of mind that your loved ones are cared and provided for in your absence. In this instance providing your family with sufficient capital to maintain their accustomed living standard  (which is important to parents), providing for education for children and not leaving their family destitute at the loss of the main breadwinner is an important issue to address especially in these trying times.

Business Risk Insurance

Protect your owners equity.

A large percentage of businesses do not have the correct Business Risk Insurance structures in place to help protect the equity (money and assets) the business owner has acquired over the years.

Business Risk Insurance includes, but is not limited to, Buy & Sell Agreements (which can ensure that your business lives on or continues its daily operations, minimising any possible financial loss), Contingent Liability (cause the future is uncertain and we would like to protect you against the unknown) and Key Person Insurance (the most valuable assets in a business are the people, we cover the key players in your business to ensure that in the unforeseen instance of a human capital loss, the business is covered and continues as usual).

We work with your accountant in your existing structures to get the correct business value for the insurable interest. We review Business Insurance Values annually or per request to be certain that the insured values are relevant; this will help prevent unwanted Costs and estate duty taxes.

Wills & Estate cost reduction

The allocation and division of assets after death is an emotional time for all…

It is made more trying and difficult for the people left behind, if you do not have a clear will that states how assets should be divided. If a Will and Testament is not in place, intestate succession will happen (the state will decide how your assets will be divided). This in turn may lead to your or those that you love’s interest not being protected.

A Will and Testament allows you to appoint a guardian(s) for minors, create a support structure for your children which will ensure that they are taken care of the way you intended (protecting your legacy). We ensure that even after death you can look after your loved ones.

Short term Insurance

Personal lines

We can assist you with your personal short term insurance, making sure that you have the correct cover for your specific situation. Be it Vehicle, Buildings, House hold content or your electronic devices.

Commercial lines

We can assist not only with your personal needs but also with the insurance needs of your business and make sure you enjoy the correct cover for your specific business requirements.

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